traveler's journal

Through a portal on 419 East 6th street in Manhattan, a traveler crosses into the parallel world called Sunset/Sunrise, to search for a lost treasure. But the treasure keeps relocating. How do you nail a moving target? What is the treasure? Who is the traveler? Who is the lover left behind?

Every world has its properties: Sunset/Sunrise is a desert terrain. It's a world but not necessarily a planet. Possibly round or flat or both, or neither. Time is suspended at dawn or dusk. Death is undefined. Sometimes long shadows travel around as the main light source (perhaps a sun) glides along the horizon, but never below it. Gravity is optional. Water is optional and an algorithm replaces thirst. Eating is random. In a graveyard for all the hardware and software ever created, objects from Earth end up in Sunset/Sunrise. The traveler steps into a minefield, explodes and reconstructs oneself. No mail system. No wireless. Love letters are written and left behind.