48 Nowheres is a series of outputs from the 3D environments that were created for World of Awe to describe the Sunset/Sunrise, which is the desert terrain the traveler passes through. These landscape renderings capture, at a distance, an emotion similar to a memory, yet on closer inspection reveal their digital composition. This is apparent especially by the horizon line where terrain meets sky and around the shadows defined by the wireframe that construct the 3D environments. Each Nowhere is a tribute to magnificent loneliness in slightly different tempers, seeking quiet but intense dramas.

What is the Sunset/Sunrise? The traveler describes a desert landscape that is in a constant sunset or sunrise. As if time stopped right at that short transitional period—at a fleeting moment of high dramatic impact. Curiously, the traveler signs the letters to the absent lover in the following manner:

"Yours forever,
Your sunset/sunrise forever yours,
Yours forever yours."

This signature suggests a blurring of identity between self, place and time. Perhaps the result of extreme solitude.

The last seven renderings are in grayscale. They reference the tradition of landscape photography and the romantic qualities of the monochromatic representation. Again, at first glance they appear natural but on closer inspection they reveal their pixeled data.

Going against the grain of the digital medium, which encourages multiple copies, these images are produced as one-of-a-kind digital prints superimposed by a drawing of tracking data left by visitors to the traveler's journal. Terrain7_6 is on view at the Whitney Museum during the 2002 Biennial.

World of Awe Nowheres: Digital renderings of the Sunset/Sunrise

© 2001 Yael Kanarek. All right reserved.