To World of Awe

After frantic digging, the traveler enters a cave just to see the glowing bits of a treasure that have just disappeared. "The sniffing of the last fumes of glow" cause the body to slow down and the image of the lover to rise in the imagination-eye. The state of mind is transposed to the place where speech is fragmented and words are out of reach. The piece is a multi-layered tapestry woven from the single voice. At the top level there is a melody that is divided into three parts and set in counterpoint. This three-part melody hovers above lush arpeggios and vocal harmonies, portraying the emotional complexity of the heightened state of mind. This set of arpeggios is sped up but kept at the pitch in which they were recorded. Another set makes up the lower voices, where the voice is sped up and the pitch transposed down. Finally, in two sections of the piece, a shorter vocal sample is used to enhance the harmony, employing sampling in a more conventional way.

The texture of the orchestration borrows stylistically from Nineteen-Century romantic music. A time when the orgasmic experience was usually described by using elaborate metaphors and where heightened emotional states where at the center of artistic depictions. The structure of the song, however, oscillates between the romantic and the minimal. The initial chord progression appears to obey traditional rules of harmony. It sounds as if it has a tonal direction, with a tonal center of B flat (as a substitute for G minor) reached at the cadences. The closing section, however (repeated twice), denies this tonality. The coda-like section features an open ended, circular, chord progression that could essentially repeat forever.

Narrative passage:

"[And then it opened up. A little cave not higher than 5 ft and no larger than 10 square feet—cool and still. In the center, on a little altar, I saw the last glowing bits of a treasure that has just disappeared. The altar was still warm and the treasure’s glow was still rippling through the air. I screamed. "Almost! I almost got it–oh my no–this is unreal–I can’t believe it, this is incredible!" I was running around chasing the treasure’s tail bumping into the walls of the cave and then hopping to the alter sniffing the last fumes of glow.]

Then motion slowed down, as my body became heavy… "What a beauty! What a treat!" I mumbled in a daze, "beauty! be…U... tee!" (the image of the you was forming (in the imagination mind) a nose (large nose) a belly (a nice attractive belly (covered in a fabric, blue (teasing)) (Hello... I love you) hello I love you) (I said) then a head, nice eyes (green in golden rings) yes, your eyes (I’s.) my eyes?) spreading legs, you beautiful YOU handsome you (many-many fingers, running around, many-many) the smell of love fingers–your arms, is this close enough to the source?) did I alter much?) my I’s am (eyes) this is my body) then it was over) then it was over) it was over."


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