To World of Awe

Extreme beauty is found but the attempt to access it through the body is denied. A sensuous, yet very lonely state is depicted in this love letter. The main text introduces a slow melody, set in counterpoint to music from the composition Yours Forever. Extreme Beauty is essentially a lament. A polyphonic setting, rich with melodic suspensions, above a chromatic bass line. In contrast to a typical Baroque lament, where one would usually find a descending bass line, the bass here in ascending (sunrise), which adds to the feeling of tension, rather the resignation. "My dearest," which opens the piece, is reiterated continuously in counterpoint to the main melody. About midway through the piece the tension is relieved when the signature phrase from Yours Forever appears together with a stabilization of the harmony into a clear pattern. The melodies of the first section are reintroduced, accommodated within the new chord changes. The jarring final statement "lick my shit" is a reminder of the body.

The digital manipulations of the voice is subtle relative to other pieces. Some pitch change is used in the short vocal attacks that are continuously accompanying the vocal phrases. Some vocal lines are extended beyond the time interval possible by human breath. As in other pieces, the voice of a single soprano is the only source of sound.

Narrative passage:

"Love Letter 42/2

My dearest,

I have found the key to extreme beauty but I don’t have the keyhole,
So I tried all the holes in my body but none seem to fit.

Yours forever
Your sunset/sunrise forever yours
Yours forever yours

Confused and bewildered, lick my shit"


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