To World of Awe

One of the navigation tools the traveler uses is the high-tech/ lo-tech, double-sided map. The sides are nicknamed Eep and Moo. According to the traveler's journal Eep was named after the Wild Eep, one of the original alert sounds of the Macintosh operating system. The narrative passage used in the song describes the operation of Eep. The music highlights the poetry of the technical jargon. The mood is of serious intent undermined by the quirkiness of the instrumental tracks.

The instrumental tracks are constructed almost entirely from two other Macintosh alert sounds: Purr and Voltage. Desktop alert sounds are peculiar and condensed musical compositions. Once they are sampled, stretched, transposed or otherwise manipulated, they reveal a host of unexpected overtones and sub-bases. They resist becoming musical instruments, and the extensive application of limiters and condensers is required to pound them into shape.

Narrative passage:

"The 1st ring displayed a 100 ft radius of geographical information with 99.8% accuracy. That area was drawn as
a green wireframe (hexadecimal value: #66CC00). The 2nd ring provided 68% accuracy for a three mile radius of data, drawn in red (hexadecimal value: #FF0000). The 3rd ring drew 30 miles radius of information with 16.7% accuracy. This rough data was drawn in burgundy (hexadecimal value: #990000). The background of the interface was a dark gray (probably a #333333)."



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