To World of Awe

The piece was conceived without a score, using tracks recorded for the composition Sugar High. The voice here is pushed to extremes in relation to human capacity. Underlying the entire piece there is a vocal arpeggio doubled and stretched out from a couple of seconds to over five minutes. The process of 'stretching out' an audio object exposes a certain deception in the digital manipulation of sound. If the audio track were acoustically stretched the result would be different then the one created by the algorithm used by the software. Here, the object is lengthened by 'filling in' the wave between the peaks resulting in a whole new sound. However, something of the human quality remains in this object, which emerges like a long moan. The moan informs the harmony of the vocal arpeggios pulsating above it. Some arpeggios were sampled in their entirety and later manipulated. Some of the vocal material was spliced up to create short, percussive, sound snippets that are far removed in their character that the original vocal source vanished in the digital domain.





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