April 18-May, 2013: "High Performance Gear," solo exhibition at Bitforms gallery, NYC

March 25: Object of Desire performance at The Kitchen.


11.30.2012: USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil

10.13.2012: LISA conference, Guggenheim, NYC

12.09.2011: Gund Gallery, Kenyon College, Ohio

10.03.2011: "Mountain Goat Canary," Oberlin, Ohio

09.22.2011: "Mountain Goat Canary," lecture series, WPU, NJ


12.30.2011: "ייִדיש און אַראַביש — צוויי באַקאַנטע שפּראַכן וואָס איך פֿאַרשטיי ניט" פֿון עדי מהלאל (ניו־יאָרק)

09.2011: "Media Arts Rewrite the Time," by Dooeun Choi for Art Musuem

01.11, 11: Does the artist Yael Kanarek actually exist? Not Yet, an essay by novelist Rick Moody published on Bombsite.


Saturday, March 26, 2pm: "From the (Trans)gendered Body to the Cyborg: Feminism, Art, and Technology," Brooklyn Museum, Sackler Center


May 4–June 8, 2011: Civitella Ranieri, Umbria, Italy

Installing Untitled (L'Origine)

Stop-motion video shot at bitforms gallery for the exhibition "Spazialismo,“ curated by Laura Blereau.

yael at treasurecrumbs.com

For most recent works from "High Performance Gear" please refer to the bitforms gallery website (I haven't had the time to update the website).

My practice is focused on the shift from Modernism to a Networked Society. Everything that can — becomes digital. Everything that can be networked — connects. This happens by a natural desire.

The network mobilizes a power shift. At the same time it reminds us that we're made by this planet and are connected to one another, not altruistically, but at the ground level, literally.

Narrative and languages are the central device to synthesize different media.

Except for a few countries that start on the 1/2 or 3/4, everyone else on this planet agreed that an hour begins and end at the same time. Thus standard time is possibly the first global agreement.

Traveler's Journal is a collection of net art works that tell of a traveler who searches for a lost treasure in a parallel world called Sunset/Sunrise. The solitary quest renders an internal, vast landscape. This subjective cosmology of a voice striped of identity properties is the source for many of my works. More >


Fall 2012: Digital Art in Context, DDA, Pratt Institute

Fall 2012: 2D Animation, Hunter College

Spring 2012: The Da Vinci Code, ITP, NYU

Spring 2012: Art in the Cloud, DDA, Pratt

Fall 2011: Digital Art in Context, DDA, Pratt Institute